Anonymous asked: What’s the cheesiest song you know off by heart?

There are too many to pick just one…

Anonymous asked: What is your favorite song to play while you are getting ready for a shoot??

0 to 100 drake. But that changes weekly.

Anonymous asked: how did you feel the day you went to your first shoot?

Nervous as fuck!!! And so excited. And SSSOOOOOOOO NERVOUS!!!

Anonymous asked: What's your favorite movie?

Fight club.

Anonymous asked: What is your favorite memory of childhood?

Eating twinkies. No joke.

Anonymous asked: I love your outfits, can you please show us more? Btw, from all your photoshoots, which one is your favorite? Love from Japan

Yes! That makes me happy. I’ve actually thought of doing a personal style blog. Should I do it? And of my shoots… My favorite was with Petrovsky and Ramon

Anonymous asked: Please answer my ?

I am!!!!!!

Anonymous asked: Hi! You are absolutely amazing and have like the perfect body. Would you mind sharing your diet and exercise routine?

I eat mostly paleo and I do Pilates and hikes for exercise. It’s what you eat that is important! Eat healthy! :)

Anonymous asked: What is your favorite light foundation? :8)

I don’t wear foundation… I’m horrible with makeup

Anonymous asked: Were you in the Acacia x Lolli fashion show?

Nope. Not this year. They were overlapping show times for other shows I had to walk in.